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  Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils..., September 21, 2008
Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils are a true work of art themselves. Nothing short of amazing. The quality of these pencils is unsurpassed. I have tried all the top quality pencils and this is the best. The quality of the lead is excellent - Mitsubishi Hi Uni is much smoother and softer all around than other drawing pencils and the maroon finish is beautiful. The thick lacquer coating and slightly rounded edges of the shaft make the pencil very comfortable to use. That's another very important thing. How well does the pencil draw, how does it feel in the hand, and how does it look overall. The Hi Uni excels in all levels. Many fans of the Hi Uni tend to use the softer grades, but I tend to like a harder pencil around 4H to do most of my drawing and perhaps an HB for darker drawing. I have tried expensive mechanical pencils and leadholders before, but have come back to woodcase pencils for good and my brand of choice is Mitsubishi Hi-Uni. Jet Pens is excellent for bringing them from Japan to the US. They are a top art supply online seller. Excellent. Thanks!
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