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  I've had this pen for..., August 24, 2012
I've had this pen for about four or five months now and generally it's worked great for me, except for one thing: the nib's paint is peeling off. What started as a beautiful green nib is now rather opaque and losing the paintjob; I would have thought Platinum would have added green pigments when making the nibs, but it's apparent they did not. Then again, I'm a novice and with no knowledge of how these parts are made.

Other than that, the ink flows beautifully, the pen itself looks very classy and I've left it without the cap just to verify if the pen doesn't dry out. The claims are true. The cap snaps on just fine, you can put more pressure on it and it will be somewhat hard to take off, but there's no need to- just apply minimun pressure and the cap will be on just fine so it doesn't bother you at all when writing.

I may purchase another green pen just because of the nib, but if you aren't nitpicky like me, you'll rather enjoy having one of these. It's very pretty to use and to look at.
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