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  I've been a long time..., August 27, 2012
I've been a long time fan of just about anything Lamy makes. I've owned more than a few of their Safari fountain pens and have owned (and, sadly, lost) one of these Tipo pens. I first found the Tipo at a local shop in my hometown. I went in looking for a good everyday roller that I could throw in a pocket or messenger bag that I could jot notes with. And I was looking for one that wouldn't break the bank. I got one and loved it. I used it for quite a while until it slipped out of my pocket one day, never to be seen again. It was cheap enough that I didn't fret about it and moved on.

I had forgotten about the Tipo and when I saw Jet Pens was selling them, I eagerly added one to my cart and proceeded to check out.

Just a few minutes with my new Tipo and I remembered why I loved this pen in the first place and felt sad that I had gone this long without replacing my original Tipo.

These pens are lightweight and compact. Carrying them in a jeans pocket is effortless and carrying them in a messenger bag will leave you hunting to find it in a deep pocket. Despite their plastic construction, they feel well-made and the grip is wide and comfortable to hold, albeit a little slick. I would prefer some rubber in the grip area rather than smooth, textured plastic. It's not uncomfortable though and unless you're pressing monstrously hard, you won't lose grip.

The most notable feature of the Tipo is its integrated clip/plunger. The shirt clip is also the plunger for extending the retractable tip. Give it a click from the top of the clip (which sticks up from the end of the pen by about a quarter of an inch) and it slides down with positive resistance and comes to rest happily in a circular notch in the body of the pen with the top of the clip just flush with the end of the pen. Push the top of the clip in (there's even a handy little detent for your thumb or finger) and the tip retracts, pushing the clip back to its extended home position. This whole process has a very solid, sturdy feel and my only complaint would be that when extending the tip for writing, the plunger doesn't really 'snap' into place, but sort of comes to rest gently in its groove. It's also handy for people that clip their pens in a shirt pocket as the pen can't be extended and the clip pressed over a shirt at the same time. So you'll save on your dry cleaning bill and avoid those embarrassing moments when your co-worker points out that you have yet again ruined a perfectly good pocket bottom with a slurry of unwanted ink.

The Tipo comes with what I believe is a 0.7mm tip (similar to your run-of-the-mill gel roller from any major office supply store). It's nothing to write home about (pardon the pun), but it offers a smooth, skip-free writing experience with little resistance. Put that pen tip to finer paper (i.e., Moleskine, Rhodia, Leuchtturm) and you're set for a day of note-taking and doodling. I normally prefer a finer tip for everyday writing and doodling and was happy - no, ecstatic - to find that the cartridge from a Pilot G-2 0.38 fits PERFECTLY into the Lamy Tipo! Double score! The value of this pen increased exponentially. I may even invest in one of the aluminum counterparts for when I want to be really fancy. :)

Anyway, if you're looking for a good, well-made, everyday roller that you can slip in a pocket or bag, and that can accept some cheaper refills, the Tipo is the way to go. Especially at its meager price point.
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