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  OK, now since I got my..., August 30, 2012
By dav...
OK, now since I got my items from jetpets which is great! lets do a real review on how I like it, so first of all thanks to the person who answered my question I really appreciate it so thanks to Dio..... OK now on to the review so after waiting like almost a week in a half< not bad, I finally got the items now. This pencil at sight got me a bit worried about the nib and the grip but man was I wrong when I got it in person its amazing how nice the grip feels and the nib seems strong enough, but im set with keeping it safe and scratch free with the nomadic tri-fold also brought here on jetpets! and everything seems really nice and mostly perfect! there was no body roll or screeches when writing with it, the only noises I can hear is that sweet sound of a drafting mechanism from the pencil dispensing the lead, and a nice bonus is I got a nice amount of lead already to go inside the pencil and on my 0.5 it has a lead tube cleaner which is nice but sadly I didn't see it in my 0.7 model but I got way more lead in it so im good! and everything is very comfortable and light but you can feel the toughness while holding this pencil (like the good heavy duty mechanical pencil) but its also light so its a good balance between them! But don't get confused cause it is not top heavy so its like a neutral feeling. and overall its a great package and I can't wait to see how it performs in school on an everyday basis so yeah. and that also applies with the nib

~David, Happy drafting :D
PS thanks again to Dio..... I really appreciate a good review like that from you and from everyone!
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