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  What a pen, my friends,..., September 7, 2012
What a pen, my friends, what a pen.... Think on this for a moment, the tip on this pen is, quite possibly, the smallest all metal nib made. You can ink very small, very thin lines with this, in fact, if you go too fast, you leave nothing but an indent in the paper. What makes this pen shine for me is the fact that you can use speed and pressure variations and whatnot to create even smaller and thinner lines than you ever could make with a felt tipped copic that is .05mm. It takes a fast yet gentle and painstakingly careful hand to work with that tiny copic. This uni ball signo bit is a beautiful thing because it costs less, much less, is very sturdy compared to the copic felt tip, and is relatively easily replaced.

Now, that said, the ink goes quick, like a reviewer said, because uni ball is cutting costs and putting less in. I just got it out of the package, and it was half empty. Not only do they put less in, but the space which contains the ink is ludicrously thin as well. The pocket clip has not broken yet, but I put zero trust in it due to the ominous rattlings coming from it. Refills are, actually, quite expensive, just a little less than the full pen itself.

In conclusion, I would only get this for annotation or drawing, and I would, and will, get it again.
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