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  I've had this pen for..., October 1, 2012
By eug...
I've had this pen for a while now (also have the navy blue model). The first thing I did was install the Jetstream multi refills since they are the same size as the stock ballpoint refills. I prefer the Jetstream ink over the ballpoint, but the ballpoint isn't that bad on its own. Overall, it's a decent pen if you need multiple Jetstream ink colors.

Unfortunately, I must have dropped the pen because there's now a crack in the upper barrel. It's not obvious until you turn the grip; since it no longer maintains a tight fit around the thread on the lower barrel, the grip can keep spinning around.

It is marketed as an inexpensive pen, but I would recommend the official Jetstream 4+1 pen instead. Its build quality is much better and it feels more substantial.

It's too bad Uni doesn't make the green refill in 1.0MM flavor, otherwise I'd try to make a 4-color 1.0MM Jetstream multipen.
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