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  i compared this pen with..., October 3, 2012
i compared this pen with it's .28 sibling, as well as a .4 hitec-c and a .3 hitec-c on the following paper types:

- doane graphed notepad
- moleskin lined notepad (best)
- crappy ol' yellow notepad

for those of us (like myself) that have bigger, sloppier, faster handwriting, the finer-tip pens start to get scratchy regardless of the notepad you're writing on - for meetings and lectures (where i needed to be able to scribble fast and large) i found myself reaching for a ball-point (like a jetstream, or a crappy bic) over any of the pens i listed.

however, during a brainstorm or casual notetaking, this pen is a dream, and i found myself swapping between this and the other pens i listed above pretty regularly - it's impossible for me to rank one over the others, they're all fabulous!

buy one or all of them, you won't be sorry. for the record: the moleskin paper was a dream to write on (over the other two I listed.)
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