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  Hello, this is my first..., October 9, 2012
By set...
Hello, this is my first review of a product I've bought on Jetpens so please do know that my skills in reviewing are still a bit rough around the edges..
To begin, I came to Jetpens searching for quality writing instruments that would stay with me for a lifetime. And after buying this pencil and using it for a few weeks I can attest that this pencil will definitely do just that! The all-metal construction of this pencil gives it an impressive weight while also steadying your hand when working, improving your handwriting (at least it did for me!). Speaking of steadying your hand, the knurled grip on this pencil is just sublime! I admit, the knurling was a bit smaller than the impression I received from the website images, but the final result was still an incredible grip that helps me greatly when writing. And with the added weight of the metal barrel you barely even have to press down to get nice lines (even with the harder leads).
Another very attractive appeal to this pencil (literally) are the aesthetics, and my are they fancy! The golden brass tip accents really lend a professional, and elegant look to this pencil that I have not seen matched in anything other than expensive fountain pens. It definitely looks like a pencil that would be found in the office of a professional draftsman, architect, or other technical designer.
Although my writing experience has been great with the Rotring so far, there are a drawback that occurs in the pencil. For one, there is a SLIGHT play in the advancing tip mechanism. This is probably due to the presence of moving parts within the pencil, which cannot be helped. Although you can feel the play if you mess around with the pencil on your finger, there is absolutely no discernable change that you can feel when writing. And this is in my opinion, not a large enough drawback to warrant a lowered review score.
Something to keep in mind, however, is that the lead sleeve of this pencil is still very small and fragile. So always remember to retract the tip before moving the pencil anywhere and always keep it in a safe space, lest anything happens to that beautiful tip!
Overall, my experience with the Rotring 800 has been extraordinary, and I would recommend it to everyone who would like to try some true mechanical pencil luxury.
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