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  By far the best pen I've..., October 16, 2012
By far the best pen I've ever used. I've recently purchased several pens to trial from jet pens, and ironically.. the cheapest of them all (the Multiball) is the best performer.

I've been attached to the US available Pilot Precise V7 and V5 for the longest time, which the Multiball reminds me of intensely.

I prefer a moderate amount of resistance/feedback when writing, it helps me keep things legible when taking notes quickly and makes drawing freehand straight lines less difficult. Like the Precise v5/7, I find that this pen has just about the perfect amount of resistance.

My writing style involves holding the Pen very close to the tip, which is very uncomfortable on many pen designs. The multiball has rubber and a gentle radius all the way down to the tip, making it a great choice if you have this same preference in your pen grip.

I should note that this Pen appears to be listed elsewhere as having a 0.57mm tip. On paper it looks extremely close to what's left behind by a 0.5mm Ohto C-305P Cart. I'd love to try this pen in a 0.7mm tip if it ever becomes available.
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