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  I like this pencil a..., October 20, 2012
By yuk...
I like this pencil a lot, it's managed to survive with me for a whole year so far, and I hope it won't get lost like all my other pencils :P!

The Pentel Graphgear 500 has it's pros and cons, though. The pros (for me);

- How indestructible it is. It's very durable (I dropped it once on it's point, but with a tiny tweak the tip straightened and it's never bent since! This is one of those rare pencils that can bounce back from an injury. I also like this grip, it might look painful and awkward but my fingers have liked it from the start.)

- It's weight. It's not insanely heavy, but it still settles in your hand comfortably. I like to clip my pencils to my shirt collar, and this pencil lets me do that since it's not so heavy that it tugs my shirt downwards but still has a nice heft to it.

- It's reliablity. This little guy hasn't choked on lead ONCE since I've had it, I kid you not! The clicking mechanism is very sound on this pencil, which is a MAJOR relief - who likes a lead-crunching pencil?! (not me!)


The cons;

- The clip. It slides on and off, which is nice for people who dislike the clip, but I personally like the clip and this pencil's clip tends to be a bit slippery.

- The eraser, but this is a complaint I have about a lot of pencils in general. The eraser is pretty small and short, and if you push down hard when you erase (like I do), the eraser slides in sometimes, which I find a bit annoying. However, my personal solution to this issue was to get a Pentel Tri-Eraser (a precision eraser who's unique triangular shape ensures you always have a precise tip to erase with), and now I save my GraphGear 500's eraser for small mistakes :).
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