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  I'm not sure why I bought..., November 5, 2012
By kfr...
I'm not sure why I bought this, but I did and it's the most used item I have. Right now there are 22 pencils, 2 erasers and a thing of Pentel lead in it and it still has a good amount of room in it. It's lasted me over 2.5 years now, even though the white part is stained a bit and the cream interior became acquainted with a leaking Preppy fountain pen. Mine used to stand even when it was empty, but it lost its shape a bit due to heavy abuse (it would literally end up underneath and in between 3 heavy textbooks). When filled with pens though, it stands up without much problem.

I'd say compared to previous cases I've owned, this one has stood up very well and is worth the 9 dollars. It looks smart and works smart and is pretty durable.
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