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  Buyers should be aware..., November 22, 2012
Buyers should be aware that all fountain pens take a page or two of writing before it writes completely smoothly and has totally smooth ink flow.
The simplest way to get the pen moving again if it's gotten a little dry by not writing with it at all for 30 min to one hour (depending on the humidity and brand of ink used) is to open your ink bottle, even if you're using a cartridge, and simply dipping the tip of the pen in the ink for about 10 sec. If it's still skipping by not getting a steady flow of ink, then use the nails of your thumb and middle finger to gently scrape off any paper fibers that could be damming up the ink flow. This only happens when writing on cheap'o paper, like most of us do, such as regular notebook paper or the cheap stuff used in copying machines and the paper most of us use in our printers at home.
Even pens with an extra fine nib write flawlessly on vellum or paper with a high rag content. This pen will write nearly flawlessly on the cheap stuff. It is that good. I was given one by my brother last Christmas with a fine nib, but I want one with an extra fine nib. Otherwise I usually use a 3x0 drafting pen. I write extremely small and I am always writing organic chemical reactions or writing quantum mechanics. A writing instrument that puts out a very fine line is very important in my work.
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