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  Absolutely the best. I..., November 27, 2012
By nex...
Absolutely the best.

I got this pencil a few years ago when I was in Japan - definitely one of my favorite things I got there, and absolutely the best pencil I have ever used! The weight is perfect (heavier and lower than most pencils, as has been mentioned), it has a sure grip, and the locking feature.. works. When you lock it away the tip is totally protected, and when you lock it out (ie for use) it will never close unexpectedly. Plus it's just a cool feature. Aside from that, the tip is the strongest pencil tip that I have experienced. I tend to use my pencils somewhat strongly, and this one has developed 0 problems in more than 3 years of use!
The shaft is plastic - something that I personally have no qualms about. It doesn't feel thin or weak, and is simply overall another of those perfectly designed Japanese products. I payed around $20 when I bought it and thought it was kinda pricey, but now that I've used it I would gladly pay much more. Save yourself the frustration of other pencils and just get this one!
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