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  I never write reviews..., December 15, 2012
By aly...
I never write reviews but absolutely had to in this case. This is the most finicky pen I've ever dealt with. I bought this pen along with the CON-20 converter to go with it. It writes beautifully when you can get it to work but I experienced 3 strange things with this pen-converter combo:

1. The converter comes easily unattached, spilling ink everywhere inside the pen and making a mess. It's done this about 3 times since I've owned it (for just a few weeks now).
2. The converter doesn't hold very much ink. For instance, I refilled it yesterday, wrote about 30 lines of text, and it's run out already today.
3. If you stop in between scribbles for a moment to think/research before putting the pen down again to write, the ink dries up in the nib and you need to coax the ink out of it again. This usually takes about a couple minutes.

I am somewhat new to fountain pens and before this only had a Lamy safari with a converter. It's never given me a problem, so I never would have anticipated that the Pilot Plumix and converter would have been so finicky!
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