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  The ink is good, but..., December 24, 2012
The ink is good, but I think I like Noodler's Bulletproof black better if you like a darker black. The sailor nano black is more like a dark dark charcoal instead of a deep rich high contrast black like Noodler's. I usually write with a headlamp on, and I can tell subtle differences due to my headlamp. If you don't have a headlamp on, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I would give the bottle design 5 stars, and the ink 4 stars. The bottle design is great because it has a mini reservoir inside the bottle just slightly deeper than the nib and feed making it easy to still draw ink into your pen even when the ink level is lower than your nib depth. With the cap on, you turn the bottle upside down, then flip it over. The mini reservoir captures ink and allows a consistent depth. Without the mini res, you would need a syringe or something to get the ink into your pen. I'm new to the fountain pen world. I had the Noodler's Bulletproof black first. I bought this Sailor Ink because of the great reviews and the price is almost 3x times Noodler's. So, I bought it out of curiosity to see if it really lives up to the hype. Great reviews and excellent packaging. Plus I had not used anything but Noodler's brand. Doing a side by side camparison, the Noodler's is definitely 'blacker' than the sailor. I am sold on the Noodler's bulletproof and waterproof inks. Beyond a color test, I did not do any other comparisons. If you have the money and you like to play around with different inks then buy it, otherwise, if your money is tight, go with Noodler's BB.
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