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  I just got this pen today..., December 25, 2012
By dtpm98
I just got this pen today and I really like it! The nib is really flexible and allows you to move it quickly across the page. The ink is very black and flows magnificantly. This brush pen has more of a felt tip, which is why the ink doesn't skip when you work with it. You can go as fast as you can without any interuptions. On the side of the pen is a little window, where you can see the ink, but it may be hard to spot at first glance, for it blends in with the black body of the pen. This is convenient, so you know when it is almost out of ink, because having a dry pen can ruin your drawing, but thankfully, this pen lets you know how much ink you have left. The only negative thing (to some people) is the sound of this pen. It makes a slight sqeaky noise when you draw with it, usually when you go really fast with it. I dont find this annoying, which is why it gets five stars, but it might differ for others.
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