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  There have been comments..., January 6, 2013
There have been comments about the looseness or "play" in the end of pencil around the lead pipe. The roulette is the second Kuru Toga I have used and both have the same characteristic. I find that it does not present a problem when I write a lot, such as when I take notes or write printed words on a paper. Where I find it unacceptable is when I am working math problems or doing any type of precise drawing, such as electrical schematic symbols or mechanical drawings. The slight movement of the pencil's lead pipe makes it difficult to draw straight lines or lines that are in close proximity when precision is required. I normally switch to a drafting pencil for those uses.

The main benefit to me of the KT is that I don't have to rotate the pencil around to keep a sharp edge on the paper. This, of course is what makes the pencil unique. It works exactly as advertised. Presently, I am using it for most of my writing because of this benefit.

The biggest drawback which I have not heard mentioned, is that the pencil only seems to hold a total of two leads. Moreover, when the pencil is completely empty of leads, and after you insert the first one, the second lead will not go down into the interior of the pencil far enough to let you push the eraser into place without contacting the protruding lead. To get the second lead to go down far enough, you have to put the end cap on without the eraser in and click several times to get it to move down some distance. After all this, you can finally put in the eraser and replace the end cap. I assume there is something about the design of these pencils that only allows them to hold a few leads. If not, then I have been unlucky enough to have bought two defective units out of two.

As far as I know there is no way to completely disassemble the pencil to find out if there is lead jammed up inside it that may be keeping it from holding more lead.

If you write a lot with a pencil and you can deal with the drawbacks mentioned, I think you will be satisfied with the Kuru Toga.
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