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  I absolutely LOVE everything..., January 10, 2013
I absolutely LOVE everything about these pencils (and) pens. The weight, the grip, the style... Top class.

When I as a TA back in college (Ohio State), I had to draw an example for one of my Japanese exchange students and I didn't have a pen/pencil handy. So I asked if I could use his for a moment while we work through a problem and little did I know, he handed me a Tombow 505. I really didn't think anything of it at first, but after working with him for awhile, I noticed "wow, I really like how this pencil feels".... he turns to me and says "you keep, you keep!".... I didn't know what to say, so I politely said "hey, thanks man!!".

Where I'm going with this is that 505 literally became an extension of my hand throughout my jr and senior years. Until I lost it while moving out!! After lots of empty searching, I found that JetPens not only had the black one, but they had other colors too! And now I've become addicted to writing and honing my penmanship with these.

Yes they are a bit pricey, but I look at it as a "give/take" scenario. Sure there's a trade off (high price), but I PROMISE you I won't be losing my beloved 505's!!! Get one today, you won't be disappointed.

and if you are........well....cust service can help you much better than I could :0)
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