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  Great Pen! Very well..., January 24, 2013
Great Pen! Very well made. Not as light as I thought it would be considering the other reviews. It is a small pen, but it feels good. The feeling of the cap sliding and clicking closed is solid, like my Mont Blanc Classic (although without the weight of the brass section). Nib needed some adjusting, but writes very well (same as many other $10-50 Pilots).

The green color was shockingly light (yellowish) at first in person, but it's nice. Seeing them all in person, I may have opted for the yellow, white, or light blue, but I'm very happy with the color. The plastic body is solid. The Noodler's Kung Te Cheng ink initially seemed to stain the section when I dipped the pen, but it wore off in my hand very quickly and is gone. I'd be very weary of using Baystate blue or any other bad-staining ink in the lighter colors of this pen.

One annoying part, which is the fault of the converter, is that the little widget in the converter that helps ink to flow to the pen shakes and clicks loosely in the pen. I don't like this myself, though it's not unpleasant.

One last thing: I think pilot really went out of the way working this pen out. For example, the clip is bent out near the top of the pen so that anyone who hangs the pen inside their pants pockets won't have the clip binding up on the thick pocket hem. Brilliant!
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