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  Poorly Designed Delivery..., February 1, 2013
By al
Poorly Designed Delivery System

It is unfortunate and very surprising that this, arguably the best earaser out on the market, should come with such poorly designed delivery system. The delivery system is of the passive type, as in Pentel's Tri-Eraser. Whereas Pentel's Tri-Earser has a tiangular cross-section allowing the holder's three large clamps grip the flat sides of a relatively hard eraser, the Hinodewashi's eraser has the more commom circular cross-section, as a result, the holder's four small clamps do not have much to hold on. Further more since the earser itself is soft, the points in contact with the clamps errode quickly. The bottom-line is this: the eraser is useless in the current configuration.

For the first few uses it works fine, but as the contact points errode, the eraser element move in and out of the holder with ease while erasing which is what makes it useless. After trying to find a workaround and even using different holders, I gave up, cut the eraser in short segment and used them without a holder. I discarded the holde.

If you are looking for pen-type Hinodewashi earser, try their paper-rolled type which is an excellent 5-star eraser and delivery system. You can find it at JetPens here
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