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  These DO erase cleanly..., February 1, 2013
These DO erase cleanly from both inkjet and laser-printed texts.

Like another reviewer, I was initially disappointed by the performance of these highlighters; when I tried to erase the highlighter ink from inkjet or laser-printed papers, it badly smeared the text's ink, resulting in very noticeable grey smudges around the previously highlighted area.

However, I later realized that this smudging did not occur AT ALL if I gave the highlighter ink ample time (half a minute or so) to dry before erasing. While this wait may seem like a turn-off to some, I think that the advantage these types of highlighters definitely outweighs any potential annoyance at having to resist the urge to erase immediately.

Unlike many other erasable highlighters (such as the office max brand, which employs a second clear ink to erase the initial highlighter ink), the FriXion highlighters allow you to re-highlight the same area after erasing. For people like me who happen to have the unfortunate combination of being both indecisive and obsessive about my color coding, the ability to highlight, erase, re-highlight, erase, etc... is invaluable.

It might also be worth noting that other 'regular' erasers (such as Hinodewashi erasers sold on this site) can sometimes give better erasing results than the FriXion erasers, depending on the type of paper/ink being highlighted.

I do agree that the ink "sits on top" of the text you highlight, as another reviewer pointed out, but I don't find this to be significantly detracting from their overall functionality.

Another strange quirk I noticed is that, while they do erase cleanly from pencil (HB lead), any pencil marks that get covered by the highlighter ink become un-erasable from then on, even if/after the highlighter ink is erased and regardless of what type of eraser is used. Again, not a big deal to me, but it might be to others. (This result is obviously not true for marks made by other FriXion pens, so I might suggest using an erasable pen instead of a pencil if you want to be able to erase the written text after highlighting it).
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