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  I love this paper! The..., February 2, 2013
I love this paper! The dot grid is subtle and seems to disappear once you use a dark ink on them. This paper is great for fountain pens because of its thickness that makes sure the ink doesn't bleed or feather. It's not as transparent as regular paper you get from office stores because of this extra thickness; I could barely see the black ink on the other side! I must say, though, the Sakura Gelly Roll pens will show up a bit more prominently on the other side because of the thickness the gel ink is. However, it still doesn't bleed through. The only thing that does is a fat Sharpie pen, and even then, it doesn't consistently bleed through.

The cream color is nice compared to the stark white notebook paper I used to use, and the gray lines are on the blue side, but only subtly. I like the fact that at the top of every page there is a No.____ and Date____ space (or perhaps this is uniform to a lot of Japanese paper). Although this may not matter for some, I also liked that the edges were rounded off, not cut off straight. It prevents that curling that sometimes bothers me. I prefer the 6mm ruling because my handwriting is small, and it saves paper so you go through these pages a lot more slowly than the American kind (which have about a 7mm rule and the same number of lines, even though they're bigger).

Last but certainly not least, the dot grid is a simple concept that executes phenomenally. It's extremely convenient for drawing graphs and figures, as well as giving uniform indentation margins when writing outlines for notes and the like. I love it. The 26 holes also holds the paper into the Slide binders that I use with this loosely enough to create easy page turning, but strongly enough to stay put securely.

Although this may seem really expensive compared to the 99-cent 100-page packs of American paper, get this instead with a slide binder. If you can afford to buy over $75's worth of binders, then do it. It's well worth the money, because the quality will make this binder system last longer.
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