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  I've had this pen over..., February 9, 2013
By mse...
I've had this pen over a year now, and it is the absolute best sketching pen for use with watercolors I've tried. I've tried Lamy Safari, Platinum Preppy, Noodler's Konrad, and Pilot Prera, and the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen is THE pen I depend on for sketching when I will be using watercolors (which I do almost all the time). The most important thing for me about this pen is its reliability. Platinum Carbon ink (which is the best ink to hold fast against watercolors) may be finicky and slow to start in other pens, but in this one it starts every time and keeps going strong until the ink runs out. I also love the consistent ultra-fine line.

As far as being a "desk pen", I don't use the desk holder (don't have one). This pen doesn't need it. I kept this pen in my purse on a 3-month trip to Australia (I was careful to keep it nib up, otherwise I did notice some leakage) and it performed perfectly. While on that trip, I took a box of spare cartridges but only needed to replace the cartridge once (and I drew with it every day!). So this pen doesn't go through the ink that fast, which is nice because the ink is expensive. While at home, I refill the cartridge with the bottled version of Platinum Carbon ink using a syringe. I have a converter for this pen but prefer to use the cartridge because I believe the ball inside the cartridge helps keep the ink stirred. I love this pen so much, I have two; one I keep in my purse and the other in my studio. This is my "stuck-on-a-desert-island" pen, for sure!
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