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  This pencil is a real..., February 27, 2013
This pencil is a real gem. I can honestly say that it's the best mechanical pencil I've held and I can tell it's going to last a long time.

++ I love the design! I know knurled grips are all the fashion, but honestly, the little rubbery dots on the Smash are so much more adorable and far more comfortable. The gently sloping tip is a wonderful contrast to the uncomfortable, terraced tip of pencils like the Kuru Toga. For people who grip their pencils low, the Smash is going to be much more comfortable. I'm a death-gripper, so these are big pluses.

++ The lead indicator is fixed, whereas in the Rotring 500, the indicator is loose and slides around freely.

++ It's such a reliable pencil. I know it's not going to fail me. My Kuru Toga has already started lead slipping.

++ The Smash feels great in the hand. It's hard to believe that this pencil isn't made completely of metal! The inside is plastic, but the barrel is metal. The pencil as a whole has a satisfying weighty feeling. It's heavier than the Rotring 500.

++ I don't know if it's just the lead inside the pencil, but the Smash is a dream to write with. So smooth and dreamy; this pencil just glides.

I recommend the Pentel Smash over the Rotring 500. I initially bought a Smash for my friend's birthday present, but after using it once, I really didn't want to let it go. I gave it to my friend and bought a Rotring for myself. I wish I'd bought another Smash instead! The Rotring's knurled grip and dramatic tip was a punishment to my fingers and doubled the size of my pencil callus. The Rotring is definitely a solid pencil, but the Smash is so much smoother, feels more at home in the hand, and seems to have more metal parts (I think part of the Rotring's casing is plastic). I gave in and bought another Smash, and I'm so glad I did.
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