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  I really enjoyed the..., February 28, 2013
By jos...
I really enjoyed the aesthetics of this pen. But I was hesitant at first to purchase it because it is manufactured by a sporting good company that isn't necessarily known for their quality. The limited reviews online of this pen also made me slightly hesitant as well.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. As a left hander not every fountain pen works well for me; but this pen actual works great. It has a good design and the construction is actually top notch. I purchased the Pelikan C499 Fountain converter with it, and it fits great as if it was made for this pen; It provided no problems while providing excellent ink flow. I have used a variety of inks with this pen and the pen handles them all with no problem. The nib provides a beautifully balanced medium nib that flows very smoothly on copy, notebook, and expensive paper that I have tried it on.

It writes first time every time with no flow problems. Another concern of mine was the wood appears to be slick as glass in the photos on the site, and I thought that it would be a slippery pen and hard to use; but it actually is not. It has a light shine to the wood but the wood still feels like wood and provides a good amount of grip so the pen will not slip from your hands, even after long use. The metal on the pen feels of good quality and is thick.

The cap has a nice firm snap to it when taken off or placed on the pen. Overall all of my concerns for the pen diminished upon receiving it and using it. It flushes easily, it writes great. It has a great feel to it. It writes great and has a really excellent build quality. It is now my everyday pen and it writes flawlessly every time.
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