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  1st off, I like this..., March 1, 2013
1st off, I like this pencil mostly, but the thing that bothers me the most about this pencil makes it unpleasant to use. The length of it is fine, the weight of it is fine. I do like how it made with metal, gives it that upper tier feeling, love the lead indicator, the fact that the pipe can retract. Even the clip is strong, a little bulky but strong. But what makes it unusable for is the grip. Dont get me wrong, it looks cool, decent in theory even, but in my daily use, the grip is far too smooth. My fingers end up sliding down a lot, the the point that I just put it away and grab another drafting pencil. Mind you, I own many, many drafting pencils (more than I care to think about the amount of money I've spent on them), so I can say that if I hadn't thrown away the packing and used it (I tried using it for a month just to see if it would grow on me) I would have returned it. If I hold it just right, its manageable, but at that rate, I'm having to change my writing style for just this drafting pencil, which isn't enough reason to adopt to it. I have too many other pencils to use where I dont have to change my writing grip.

So thats my thoughts on it. Its cool, lots of good features, just wish that they would have made the knurling more aggressive and the rubber less predominant.
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