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  I like this drafting..., March 1, 2013
I like this drafting pencil enough that if I blindly grab it out of my stash of drafting pencils, I wont drop it and pick up another. I would have given it more stars, but theres a few things that I would like to see on it to get 5 stars.

Length - This is a goo length, I havent noticed that it was too long or short, so length is fine.
Weight - It's on the lighter side, but weight really isnt an issue with me in any drafting pencils.
Construction - The grip part is metal, knurled nicely, no issue gripping it while writing (for classes or work). The body is plastic, but its strong enough. I wouldnt use it as a prybar, not really sure how many really snap their pencils on a regular basis, if they do, might need to carry their writing instruments elsewhere. Though one bad thing about the body, but I'll post that in the con part.
Clip - Clip is pretty much standard, it'll hold, but if you bend it, you pretty much lost the ability of using it without really knowing how to bend the clip back to the curvature that it needs to be to be functional (if you do, not end of world, just now it wont have a clip).
Cap - On mine, its a tight fit. Again, I dont take it off and on a lot during my use, I really only take the cap off to fill it up or if I have to erase several mm of pencil markings. I use a different eraser for erasing.
Lettering - The lettering on the body is holding up, I havent had it for years, only about 6mo and so far its holding up.
Pipe length - depending on how you hold your pencils, it can either be a little on the long side or not a problem. The pipe length really isnt the issue, as most drafting pencils have this pipe length, but how the whole tip is with the pipe length. For me, its fine.

Body - Not that its plastic, but that where it screws into the metal grip will unscrew at times. It'll only unscrew a little before I notice it, but it happens enough to make me want to put some blue lock on it. I havent had to take apart a drafting pencil in about 15yrs, so wouldnt think it'd be bad to put some kind of mechanic screw lock on it.
Lead Indicator - none, thats the problem.

Overall, its a decent pencil, I have the 0.3mm & 0.5mm and like them both. Will be completing the set here shortly.
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