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  Heres my review of this..., March 1, 2013
Heres my review of this drafting pencil.

Length - Good, nothing bad, works well enough.
Pipe Length - About standard, not enough to really change how I write or noticeable.
Tip - Definitely different than other brands, but thats what separates the brands. Works well enough, no gripes.
Grip - Long enough to support just about every kind of writing technique.
Lead Indicator - Has one, thats a plus in itself, color coded to give visual on which lead size it is at a glance.
Lettering - I havent used the 0.5mm enough to see if it'll wear off, decent enough.
Clip - Standard, works.
Cap - Has a lead size on the top which is nice if yoave your drafting pencils in a soup can or something else where they are standing more vertical that laying down.
Weight - Light, but weight really isnt an issue with me on really any drafting pencil.
Eraser - Has one, I dont use it though.
Finish - Nice enough finish to look presentable.
Price - Very reasonable, especially on this site.

Grip - Its more on the slippery side. Not major, but coming from metal knurled pencils, its noticeable.
Lead Indicator - Not very stiff, has turned on me several times.
Cap - Biggest gripe, the cap will come off, for some reason its about 2-3mm too short for my taste. Has fallen off numerous times, irritating to stop once I find out it fell off and have to look for it.

I have this in the 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm. I like them, especially for the cost, but since I have many other pencils, I dont use these a whole lot. I wont drop it for another if I pick it up blindly, but as far as everyday usage, it doesnt get used that much.
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