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  Good, but not perfect. The..., March 4, 2013
Good, but not perfect.

The pros:
- Silky smooth nib. Hard to ask for a better feeling on the page at this price point. Much smoother than a medium Lamy nib. Runs at about a true medium in my opinion.
- Very pretty color
- Substantial plastic body, not flimsy-feeling. Has a decent amount of weight.
- Stays fairly balanced when posted
- Clear feed is a fun gimmick, allows you to see the color of your ink and whether the feed is saturated or not.
- Comfortable round grip, fingers don't slide, though it lacks a finger guard above the nib (i.e. Pilot Metropolitan grip)

The cons:
- Leaks! Agh! The converter doesn't sit completely flush in the grip section, and some ink tends to slowly leak out into the pen body and cap. It is also very finicky if the converter is twisted down too far and will leak out of the grip section just above where the feed is fit.
- Possible misprint with the body - the converter seems to sit a wee bit crooked in the pen body itself. May or may not be the cause of the leaking.
- Somewhat dry feed. Ink colors are not as vivid as they are in other pens and tend to look a little washed-out.

Despite these gripes I really like this pen, and I love the style of it. It has its ups and downs, so think carefully and study reviews. But if you like a nib that feels as smooth as silk on the page, this is worth a shot.
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