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  After enjoying the Nomadic..., April 23, 2013
After enjoying the Nomadic PE-09 Flap Type Pencil Case for a good long while, I decided I needed a little change in the form of this nifty book-style case.

The color is a more vivid and fiery orange than what is displayed in the picture, which I'm quite happy with. The material is of very nice quality and the sewing seems solid. The zippers are a bit more sturdy than the Nomadic Flap case as well.

The inner pen slots are not separated, allowing for more and/or thicker implements to be stored (looking at you, fountain pen users.) However this can cause sliding issues if you don't have the slots completely filled with pens. Doesn't hamper the storage ability, but it just isn't as pretty. The pen slots hold around 14-16 average-sized implements, and more can be stored in the large mesh pocket if needed.

The small mesh pockets on the opposing side of the inner flap are handy for things like block erasers, flash drives, pencil lead, etc. The large mesh pocket on the back is good for assorted doodads or tools that have can't fit elsewhere. The pockets on the outside/front are best for things like post-it note pads.

This is a great case overall, and I honestly have no complaints. This case has more organizational qualities but can't hold quite as much as some others, so take into consideration the amount of materials you need to carry before choosing this case. Highly recommended!
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