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  Pur-r-r-r-r-fect! I ordered..., May 2, 2013
Pur-r-r-r-r-fect! I ordered a pack of these leads on my last order, and was surprised to find a better lead than I expected! (Except that there were only 8 leads in a pack that was supposed to have ten.) My next order will include three packs, which may last me about a year; and I will reorder when I open the last pack.

My local art shop stopped carrying non-repro blue mechanical leads six years ago. The owner said there was no longer any company making them. Her standard lie that meant, "Nobody but a few of you commercial art weirdos uses this, so I'm not carrying it any more." I showed her the pack and she said she didn't have a connection to buy them. I couldn't help noticing that at the time she was standing in front of a display of pens and pencils, that included many Uni-Ball items. If she didn't own the largest art store in town, I wouldn't patronize her Since she took over the store seven years ago she also discontinued Pantone and Lettraset products, choosing to sell to the crafter/hobbyist and student markets in deference to the professional artist market.
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