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  The rotating mechanism..., May 5, 2013
By inf...
The rotating mechanism works wonderfully and I won't use a regular non rotating mechanism unless my Kuru Toga is not available. I have the 0.3mm and 0.5mm Kuru Toga (0.7mm on order) and they are all the best mechanical pencils I have used. I use the 0.3mm for fine work and the 0.5mm for regular work although I find the 0.5mm a touch fine (my son thinks the Kuru Toga 0.5mm is perfect).

The 0.5mm lead has about 3 times the volume of material than a 0.3mm lead and they last quite awhile before having to advance the lead. The Kuru Toga advances the lead a relatively short amount compared to some other mechanical pencils and that helps reduces breakage. The only time they break is when I don't let the lead wear right down before advancing.

Once the lead pushes past the advancing/rotating mechanism it is best to advance a new lead and throw away the rather long bit you just pushed through. I tried using up the non rotating lead by pushing it through from behind one click at a time but small pieces of the new lead kept breaking off inside and eventually jammed. I unscrewed the end to clean out the dozen or so bits that collected in the tip.

The 0.5mm Kuru Toga makes the slightly thinner line than a standard mechanical pencil, almost the same as a standard 0.3mm.

I don't bother using the eraser as you have to remove (and lose?) the cap. I guess it's okay for emergencies but I try to keep a standard eraser handy. Having spare leads included is a real bonus and they are strong and dark.
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