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  Wow - just Wow. Keep..., May 7, 2013
By ekw...
Wow - just Wow. Keep in mind that the "0.18" refers to eighteen one-hundredths of a millimeter, and there are about 25.4 millimeters to an inch, and you quickly come to the realization that calling this a "fine point pen" is an understatement of considerable magnitude. The engineering required to make a pen like this is noteworthy, but Uni-ball makes it even better by making a pen that writes clean, unbroken lines of extraordinary thinness. I actually had to look carefully to be sure ink was being deposited on paper. Want to transcribe a textbook onto a Rhodia Bloc No. 10 notepad? Most of a concerto onto one sheet of musical staff paper? Get a couple of these, and some refills, and you'll be ready to go.
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