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  Hello, and a wonderfull..., November 16, 2008
Hello, and a wonderfull (whatever daytime you might be reading this...)

The Kuretake Brush Pen Refill Ink, suitable for nearly all Kuretake Fountain Brush Pens, is one of the most saturated black inks I have worked with
A lot of people mention the disadvantage of "not being waterproof", but this does not matter, really.

It is a deep, neutral, saturated black, which I use a lot for all the colouring and shading in dark parts, which even looks great in washing effects with a dipped brush.
A lot of people tell you, not to use them because they are not waterproof, but try these cartridges, it might be well worth it.
And the price is sensational.

If you want to work with these pens on a watercoloured picture, use the watercolour first, then this ink. And if you are in need of Black lines, draw thin ones with a waterproof ink first, then brush later.

And, a problem nearly everyone seems to mention and seems to have with brushpens.... even if you do not find a converter and want to use a different ink than the original one.... use a Syringe.
The normal cartridges have a larger capacity of ink anyway than most converters.
I never buy converters, not for Lamy fountain pens not for any brush pen, just a needle, a syringe and the desired ink.... works perfectly.

"Happy painting!"
(Bob Ross, R.I.P.)

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