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  The perfect brush pen...., May 12, 2013
The perfect brush pen. The bristle tip is slightly shorter and snappier than the Pentel's, making fine lines easier and slightly more controllable. This really is a quality pen, with beautiful strokes and amazing potential. I wouldn't say that the price difference between this and the Pentel is justified, but if you want the absolute best, this would be it. Plus, the huge advantage with the Kuretake No. 13 is that it can be fitted with Platinum Carbon ink cartridges (no need for a converter- the cartridges are identical in shape!) so you can get the blackest, most waterproof lines along with a stunning brush tip and beautiful pen body. It does require a lot of practice to master if you haven't used brush pens before, though, and even then is not suited for all kinds of artists- you need to do slow, loving, fine, detailed work with this one- this is not for quick, aggressive large scale drawings!
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