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  I was not impressed with..., May 12, 2013
I was not impressed with the quality of these at all. I bought these because I have always used the Sakura Pigma Micron to do line work, the problem with these is they could run dry (rarely) and if they ever fall off the table chances are it's going to land on the tip and render the pen unusable. I was open to try a new system with these pens. The ink flow is unreliable, at least two of the pens from the pack behave erratically (the number 002 and the 005). Whereas with the Microns there's rarely need to press down on the paper for the line to come out smooth and clean, with these pens I find that if I don't press down hard hardly any ink will flow at all, which may cause for one or two botched lines. I didn't give it 1 start because at least the 1.0 mm pen works properly and the line is smooth, I will recommend this one pen alone.

Personally I feel that 2 pens not working correctly out of the whole pack makes the whole Pack unreliable. When selling a whole pack of pens, there should be some sort of guarantee that they will all work properly.

At least the little ziplock bag that they come in is high quality and good.... but 15 dollars for a little ziplock bag and one good working pen? Better stick to the Microns.
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