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  Hello, and a wonderfull..., November 16, 2008
Hello, and a wonderfull (whatever daytime you might be reading this...)

Interesting, for such an infamous pen with these fast de- and increasing numbers in any shops, that I am the first to write a short review here... nice.

The Kuretake DV140-13C is one of the better Bruspens I have used.
It's nylon bristles range, in flexibilitx and resiliency between the Kuretake Phys Waterbrush Pens and the Pentel FP10 GFKP Brush Pen.
The Bristles spring back to a sharp point, but sometimes it needs a short while with the pen closed, before it's tip is sharp again for working on crisp lines, especially after filling in larger areas, which stresses the bristles a lot.

After nearly two months and 8 used cartridges, the tip looks quite like new, so the possibility to buy spare/replacement tips/nibs is great and counts as a plus, but it is not necessary too often, a second plus.

The Pen closes with a wonderfull clicking sound, and you can feel the "reistance" of the pen while closing the cap, so you know it is "closed" and tight. It gives you a good feeling about the bristles not getting too much air and drying out.

The Barrel and Cap are made out of Aluminium it seems, it seems more durable in feel and more elegant in look than the Pentel GFKP. Maybe thus the price is so much higher.

The Pen is very lightweight, more lightweight than the Pentel GFKP, could be a little heavier, depending on the user, it's up to you whether this is good or bad.

The Price is very moderate for a pen of this quality.

The Ink is a very dark and saturated black, watersoluble and even after drying not waterproof. If you want to make washes or use aquarellistic colours on your paintings, do it before using the Kuretake-ink, and you will be fine.

Kuretake DV140-13C only gets four of five stars because I prefer natural sable bristles, more stable, more sharp lines, and a better control of the line, like on the Kuretake DV140-40 oder DV140-50.
Anyway, it is still one of the best brush pens I have ever had the luck to own, thanks to JetPens. ^_^

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