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  Grip is less grippy than..., May 16, 2013
Grip is less grippy than the Rapid Pro and far less grippy than the 600. It is the least grippy of all Rotring MP's.

There is a lot of play. Side to side, and up & down. When the mechanism is extended there is 2mm play before each lead click and when applying the eraser. It's annoying. there is also a bit of "flexibility" in the tip. It's just unstable. I was hoping for better tolerances and little to no flexion.

The twist to advance mechanism can easily be worn out or break. I have a similar mechanism on my manual typewriter, and when it wears out, it won't hold in the locked position. This mechanism feels the same, a sort of hook-spring. When the hook wears, the spring will push it back into the body. The difference is that I can file the hook on my typewriter, because I can access it by taking it apart. The 800 mechanism won't separate from the body as far as I can tell, so once that mechanism wears out or breaks catastrophically, the pencil will be unuseable. When that time comes, I'll do my best to figure out a fix for it, but I don't want to tamper with the pencil while it works just to see the internals.
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