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  I bought my Kuru Toga..., May 17, 2013
By chi...
I bought my Kuru Toga Starter at a retail store, because I found the pinciple of the internal lead spinning mechanism appealing, as normal mechanical pencils (especially ones that require thicker lead) require you to continually rotate the pencil shaft to maintain a crisp point. After extensive use, I was extremely delighted with how consistent the lead point was, the I decided to buy several more through JetPens. I was also surprised to discover other unique things about this pencil:
-The body is plastic, yet has a very unique feel, it feels wonderful in the hand
-Although having no true grip, the wave pattern in the plastic near the point allows for very comfortable use, I prefer this over standard grips
-The push top mechanism feels very satisfying, odd to say, but I enjoy running down the point only to feel the satisfying lead advance actuation
-theres a certain give the lead tip has, that takes some getting used to, but ultimately, it leads to a better writing angle (imo)
-not sure if it's the lead that comes with the pencil, or the pencil itself (or a combination of both) but writing with this pencil is EXTREMELY smooth
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