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  I would give perfect..., May 20, 2013
By cha...
I would give perfect score but I have an issue with these pens. Yes they write pretty well when new, (didn't know you could buy refills if I read correctly), and using frixion to erase comparing to older erasable ink pens that the eraser didn't last nowhere close as the pen did. But, this is my complaint. At the time, for some reason, I didn't like the eraser on the cap and I never really used it bc it wasn't great and I'd end up using them when I pencil eraser was no more, even after biting down on it squishing a little more out of it!lol

Ok, all this just to ask/say, Why put eraser on the cap??? Doesn't everybody take top off and place on back of pen? Habit and you don't lose that way! So an ok writing pen, GREAT concept for friction bc you don't run out of the eraser!!!! But if the eraser was on top cover so attaching on the other end and having eraser at ready would give this pen more!!!
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