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  I chose the 0.3 mm Pentel..., June 5, 2013
I chose the 0.3 mm Pentel Graphgear 1000 based on its appearances. Knowing that during this semester's Architectural Drafting class we would would be required to complete a full set of ten drawings consisting of floor plans and elevation renderings. The "1000" from the surface had the look of a well constructed mechanical pencil. Much nicer the $7.00 - $9.00 pencils the other students purchased. At the outset the pencil performed excellent, producing the nice light lines needed for initial layout.
As it happened the Pentel eventually jammed to the point that I had to take the pencil apart. I was able to get the pencil working again but had to remove a small grommet which I believe was used to help feed the lead through the barrel, due to the fact that it would not fit back in place and was causing a blockage to the advancing lead. While examining the "Graphgear I also noticed that the barrel portion of the pencil that screws into the upper portion was made of plastic which would later prove to be the final and most obvious flaw.
The next problem arose when trying to engage a new lead, this often prompted another jam due to more than one lead trying to make its way through the feed mechanism.
Finally, on the second to last drawing the pencil fell from about 3 1/2 feet and snapped in two right at the top of the plastic threaded barrel intersection. It was irreparable at this point and I chose to complete my remaining drawings with my trusted 0.5 mm "Helix".
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