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  The palomino line of..., June 30, 2013
By nat...
The palomino line of pencils are gorgeous, beautifully made drawing tools, with flawless finish and design and a velvety smoothness when they glide over paper. They are more well constructed than any other pencil I have used, every aspect of there appearance gives one the impression of luxury.
The smoothness of their writing is due to an additive in the graphite core witch eliminates the scratchiness caused by the graphite in other pencils. Despite an unparalleled finish these pencils cause several problems when used for drawing and illustration purposes. They repel both water and ink making inking over them problematic particularly with detail work. The smoothing agent creates a waxy film on paper that is smeared over the page through erasing and shading making ink adhesion inconsistent. It also prevents the graphite from adhering giving a patchiness to shaded areas and will most likely have archival issues.
They are longer than most pencils and so can be sharpened more. The extra length combined with the weight of the enormous ferrule for the eraser make them ungainly in some drawing positions. The idea of a high quality eraser on the end of the pencil is a good one but again these have problems. The white eraser with the finer abrasive smears the smoothing agent across the page and over time becomes more of an applicator than a tool for removing graphite. The black eraser has a rougher abrasive, it is inconsistent and abrades even india ink, removing fine details. The likelihood of using the entire eraser by the time a pencil is finished is slim and as every pencil comes with one you will inevitably end up wasting a good deal of eraser. You would be much better off with an individual eraser that works well.
The wood is nice natural cedar but it does have more grain than other drawing pencils, giving it a greater possibility of fractures. The graphite core, the most important part of the pencil, on the blackwing is about a third as thick as on a mars lumograph and even the 6b is about half as thick. This means that they are capable of covering a much smaller area per pencil at greater cost. I would not recommend this pencil to anyone doing illustration or drawing, especially with other mediums. If you want real quality go with the staedtler mars lumograph and an eraser, it is more efficient and infinitely better for drawing. For illustration, drafting pencils are in every way better than a Palomino. If you care more about appearance than performance, the Palomino blackwing is the drawing tool for you.
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