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  This is a very well made..., June 30, 2013
By nat...
This is a very well made pen but it is unreliable and not very useful. The flow is erratic with the ink that comes with it, I think the ball bearing in the cartridge inhibits flow as well as reducing the amount of ink. If you remove it after installation and run warm water over everything the flow improves. I converted it to an eyedropper, it holds alot of ink and flows much better than the original. The nib can also be removed if anyone is curious, but the feed is fixed.
The Name of the pen implies that it is a fountain pen with a drawing nib capable of producing lines like those of comic nibs on dip pens. If thats what you want this pen doesn't do that. The nib is super fine point with no tipping but has zero flex under any pressure. This means that the only variation in line thickness is caused by the elasticity of the paper itself. The lines it makes are absurdly fine, almost invisible and the nib is so sharp it is constantly gouging the paper and getting fibers stuck between the tines. The result is inconsistent, barely visible lines that are hard to make. I cannot think of a possible drawing application which would not be better served by a micron or staedtler, there is no need for making lines this fine. If this pen had been made with a nib that flexed like the tachikawa dip pens it would be amazing, that is a pen every artist would love and what I hoped to get. Unfortunately it manages to have neither the line quality of a dip pen or the reliability of a drafting pen.
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