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  Bought a bunch of erasers..., July 2, 2013
By the...
Bought a bunch of erasers to see which one was best at removing Rotring Rapidograph drafting ink from vellum — my M.Arch professors decided to go all hardcore old school on us and make us learn how to make architectural drawings the OLD WAY.

It's freaking hard work! And You make one tiny mistake in ink and you have to try and erase it from this 5-dollar-a-sheet translucent paper, and if you use the wrong eraser it only makes a huge smudge and basically you've wasted not only money, but a lot of time. So I did some test drawings and erasings, and the blue half of this eraser was one of the best ones at removing the ink from vellum. (It may not work on pencil or on paper, but that's not what it's for.) Also it keeps a hard edge, so it's possible to erase one tiny little line next to other things you want to keep, and not ruin everything.

So if your professors are giving you this sort of "builds character, hair on your chest" drawing challenge, I suggest this eraser.
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