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  I have to say that I..., July 3, 2013
By mon...
I have to say that I love this pen. Especially since I replaced the ink in the cartridge with that Carbon Ink. It is easy to hold, it writes very well, doesn't snag the paper which is awesome considering how fine the point is. Since I replaced the ink I've been using it all the time.

I also like the fact that it will slip into the ring binding on my notebook and doesn't fall through because of the red things sticking out of the lid... but also doesn't have a clip on it that makes it hard to pull out of the notebook when I need to use it, nor does it snag or pull on the rings. I know it's a stupid little design feature, but I like it!

The body shape does require you hold the pen one specific way, but that way will improve your penmanship. I know my handwriting is better when I use this pen because I'm not contorting my hands when I hold the pen.

The ink in the cartridge that came with the pen I think is junk. I used it up then refilled it with Carbon Ink and now it's perfect.

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