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  A great pencil indeed!..., July 4, 2013
A great pencil indeed! I do not use this pencil for drawing, it is mainly used for math homework and note-taking, and in my humble opinion, it has been perfect. The pencil has a weight distribution that is very low, perfect for the aforementioned tasks. There are time when I am studying for 6+ hours a day, and to my disbelief, while using this pencil I experience zero writing fatigue. As previously mentioned, the grip is steller. Rubber grips are out; knurled is definitely the way to go. Due to the high concentration of sweat recepters on ones hands, perspiration is inevitable at some occasions, however this grip is the answer; it prevents any slipping and is remarkably comfortable. The lead advancement is up to par with what anyone could possibly need (0.5 mm increments), basically supplying the perfect amount of lead with every click; which by the way has a posh sound (quality indeed). The shifting aspect is unique as well, it prevents the guide-pipe from poking about while it is in your pocket, along with supplying protection to the guid-pipe from damage, while in a book-bag.
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