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  Bought this as a present..., July 10, 2013
Bought this as a present for a friend after using my own Pilot Metro for a long time. These are absolutely amazing fountain pens for the price... I don't know how Pilot does it!

The pen body is a medium weight and made entirely from metal except for the plastic grip section, feed, and other inner parts. The nibs are impressively smooth and are very hard (no flex), making them great for fast writing. The grip section has a small lip right before the nib to prevent your fingers from sliding too far forward. The pen cap posts securely on the back and does not throw off the weight of the pen - it's usable but on the short side when un-posted.

I decided to purchase the Fountain Pen CON-50 Converter for my own pen as I personally prefer conventional converters to the squeeze-type converter that comes with the pen. The one that comes with the pen works perfectly well though, and is also good for flushing the pen with water occasionally if you don't have a bulb syringe handy.
The cap fits snugly on the pen and ink rarely dries out in the nib/feed when the pen sits unused for a while.

These pens look just as good in reality as they do in the pictures and perform phenomenally well for the price. Don't pass this one up!
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