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  I gotta say, pretty flipping..., July 16, 2013
I gotta say, pretty flipping good eraser. It is non-abrasive, but it's not as smooth and smeary as Staedtler's Mars erasers. I'm a manga artist and I swear by using smooth Bristol board as my drawing medium because it's thick and durable. the problem with Staedtler Mars is that while it works wonders on normal copy paper and notebooks (which are slightly rough) the bristol is too smooth so the graphite gets smeared on the page. This eraser, however, is just grippy enough to get every last bit of graphite out of the paper while causing no damage to it. I had mine for almost a year, I think and it was great, but the problem I had with it was that it eventually disintegrated, and the large parts I held onto absorbed every bit of dye and graphite that laid around. because this eraser is designed to break down when it absorbs something, this made the eraser even more crumbly and brittle, and it erased less and less. I threw it away because it eventually got to the point where it created more problems than it erased. Don't get me wrong. I think this is a great eraser, a fantastic eraser, one of if not the best I have ever used, but I have to give it a four because it is fragile.
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