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  I don't usually care..., August 2, 2013
By wh0...
I don't usually care to review items, but I felt the need to respond to one in particular from "sun..." as he/she seems to lack comprehension of how retail works, and is disparaging JetPens CS which has been nothing but awesome in my experience.

The label on this pencil is clearly a manufacturer label which JetPens does not apply, hence the Japanese characters, and manufacturer branding and barcode. Pretty sure they weren't BS-ing you on this one since the 0.3 mm size I bought at a local Japanese stationery shop has the same label. Keen eye buddy.

That said, unfortunately, they do use in-house labels for some other items, which are obviously printed with a laser printer and leave some residue. I contacted JetPens CS about the same thing and they profusely apologized for said residue, and gave some suggestions on how to remove it completely. But I mean really, as full-grown adults who live in a consumer society, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us have figured out how to remove sticky residue from items we buy; it's not rocket science. Talk about first world problems.


Otherwise, this pencil is the bees knees for a high quality drafting pencil at a fair price. I have three different sizes (two of which I bought here after discovering the site) and I love them all. I normally prefer heavier all-metal pencils, but this is by far my favorite plastic model for light weight sketching.
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