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  Love this pen! No one..., August 7, 2013
Love this pen! No one else in the pen market sells this quality and feel for this price. Look at Pilots own "Cacoon" pens they are the same Pen with a fine nib (American extra fine) and priced much higher. I can't figure it. Far superior to the plastic Lamays at twice the price. I have had no problems with solidly posting the cap and it writes well posted or not. I have many far more expensive pens that are not on an equal footing with this fine pice of work and fine marketing. If you must have a different Nib buy a Pilot "78g.". They have 4 different nibs, and even the sections will enterchange with the Metropolitan (tried it before writing) the nibs will be gold colered but you can live with that I'm sure. And when your done you still have two useable pens. All that aside, this is one classy looking pen and could hook a newbie on fountainpens for ever. Carefully consider the damage You could cause in someones life if you gve one as a
gift. I have found fountain pens to be addictive and habbit forming and you alway need just one more.
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